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Lay there curled up with your thoughts surrounding you. Darkness winding itself in to your soul, your head, taking over. It twists and it turns and your thoughts aren’t yours. The pain unbearable as it stabs at your heart with its core of pure evil making you shiver. The truth was learnt and now it must hurt.

Need not Want.

I want something that i know for certain i can’t have. It hurts to face the truth so brutally. There’s always a constant battle going on between me and myself. At times i manage to convince myself that i can have what i need so urgently. I dream up scenarios and envisage such beauty. The things we could get up to. Places we could visit. How lost in the world we could be. But i can’t let myself live like this in my imagination. And so, i face up to reality. Everything slowly comes crashing down and my world is bleak once more. I know for certain i can’t have what i need yet i keep on hoping for the impossible.

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